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  • Voltage Converter - View Product Range

    Onboard electrical equipment may operate at different voltage levels to the existing vehicle power supply requiring use of a voltage converter.

  • 24 volts Vehicle power to 12 v equipment
  • Commercial vehicle electrics operating at between 24v and 28 volts are a typical example. The HGV Driver may require a 12 volt car audio system fitted. A common method used by the driver can be to run a long cable from one of the series wired 12v batteries, along the chassis & into the vehicle cab often with the potential to discharge the truck batteries leaving the vehicle unable to be started or the cable becoming damaged when the truck cab is tilted.

     The professional installation would make use of a voltage converter (or "Voltage Dropper ") fitted inside the cab of the truck & using the normal 24v supply input reduced to a suitable 12 volts output for the audio equipment.

  • 12 volts to 24 v converter
  • Voltage Converter units are available which can step up the vehicle's 12 volt power supply to enable use of 24 volt auxiliary equipment


  • Mains Power for Vehicle , Low Voltage Applications
  • Power  transformers are available to reduce voltage of mains electricity to operate 12v or 24 volt systems.
    The typical example is a commercial vehicle used for multi drop distribution.
    During delivery operation the vehicle alternator recharges the auxilliary battery bank used for tail lift operation as the vehicle travels between delivery sites. However, whilst the vehicle is being loaded the tail lift may be in constant use with the vehicle engine off , causing the auxilliary batteries to become discharged resulting in slow operation of the tail lift equipment, and the chance that the engine may not be started.

    The answer to this problem is to use a special mains powered transformer that reduces the mains voltage level and type to enable operation of the tail lift equipment without the vehicle engine running, avoiding the safety issue of engine operation on unattended vehicles.

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