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Starter Motor Parts by Mail Order

Please email sales(at)
The enquiry form below is being developed.
We will require unit make and part number of unit to supply component price and availability. We can search generic replacement starter motors by vehicle registration no.

Manufacturers part numbers may be required to locate specific unit parts such as brushes.
Minimum order value of £12 applies for starter components.

Starter Motor Component Parts

Supply of individual starter motor component parts by UK mail order: armature, field coils, bearings, bushes, carbon brushes, permanent magnets, solenoids, solenoid caps, contacts, starter drives, pinion gears, casing yokes,  etc to allow a starter motor rebuild or recondition.
Battery and Starter solenoid cables and fittings  also  available through mail order

Starter Motor Diagnostic Help Page Link

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UK starter motor  component supply and distribution also available by mail order with paypal payment processing.

We can also supply dc motors for tail lift and wheelchair lift ,
recovery winch motor , heater blower motor , washer motor ,

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