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Windscreen Wiper Motor Supply in Shropshire & Mid Wales UK

wiper motorWe can source and supply a range of 12 volt and 24 volt wiper motors, wiper arms,wiper blades,switches and wiper relays.

Windscreen wipers not working ?

A wiper system which fails to clear the windscreen glass causing loss of vision is a cause of Mot test fail.

Mobile autoelectrical services in Shropshire and Mid Wales tel 07703 558610

If the windscreen wipers on your vehicle are not working the cause may be a fault with
Power supply and fuses
wiring and connections
wiper relay
body control module
wiper motor
wiper blades

Wiper Motor Description

Wiper motors are small high torque D.C. motors often of the permanent magnet type with armature and brushes.
Most Wiper motors are fitted with a reduction gearbox to reduce speed and increase torque.
Wiper motor assemblies may contain built in switches

Wiper motors are sometimes repairable.

Vehicle applications

Wiper motors are used to drive the windscreen wiper mechanism on :
Tractor cab glass
Self propelled harvesters
Excavator cab glass wiper motor
Marine and Boat Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor Speed Control

Wiper motor manufacturers achieve two speed control by fitting an extra brush to the motor assembly.
A multi position switch may be used to select desired wiper motor speed.
Variable speed control may require use of a controller to produce a pulse width modulated supply.
Intermittent wiper operation may be controlled by a timer relay or body control module.

Wiper motor park position

Switches built in to the wiper motor often control the wiper blade park position.

Windscreen wipers blow wiper fuse

If the windscreen wipers cause the wiper fuse to blow this will be either due to a short circuit or excessive current amps draw by the wiper motor.
Possible causes:
Windscreen wipers frozen to windscreen in winter or sub zero temperature.
Wiring fault
Seized wiper linkage
Wiper motor fault

Alternative Uses for Wiper Motors

We have come across multi speed wiper motors used to build engineering projects such as linear actuators for custom applications. Some of our agricultural customers have wiper motors fitted to actuator mechanisms controlling dairy feed bin slides to enable automated cattle feeding.

Wiper motors operated by bcm

Windscreen wiper motor function may be controlled by a body control module.
An actuator test can usually be performed using computerised diagnostic test equipment to check bcm functions.

Windscreen Wiper Motors