Cab Night Heater Repairs

We keep some stock of Eberspacher and Webasto cab night heater components including some 12v and 24v fuel pumps in case of breakdown. Breakdown callout around Shrewsbury Shropshire (UK) area .

System overview

A Night Heater can provide temperature controlled ventilation including warm blown air to improve the climate inside your vehicle whether it is a truck van motorhome camper conversion ambulance bus minibus or boat.

Well designed night heaters combine quiet operation to provide warmth with fuel efficient running without the need for the vehicle engine to be running.

A diesel powered onboard night heater setup consists of a fuel pump drawing diesel from a fuel supply and pumping the fuel into a heat exchanger combustion chamber where the pressurised fuel is ignited by a glow plug to produce heat. A fan unit sucks air into the night heater then blows air across the exterior of the heat exchanger to produce warm blown air. Exhaust fumes produced by the combustion process are expelled outside the vehicle. Combustion flame and blown air temperature is monitored by a control unit.

Temperature control is provided by a thermostat and temperature sensors.

Onboard night heaters have safety features built in to prevent diesel fuel being pumped to the heater if the flame is absent in the event of glow pin failure or other fault.

Startup, running , and shutdown is monitored and controlled by an electronic control unit (ecu). Repeated failure to start may cause the night heater to enter a lockout mode which will then prevent further operation until a reset procedure sometimes requiring diagnostic equipment is carried out.

Electronic control units rely upon having a reliable power supply at the correct voltage and good electrical connections. Wiring and connection faults can prevent the heater operating.

Tel: 01743 884888 for Auto electrical & Diesel Nightheater mobile breakdown service in Shrewsbury & Telford , Shropshire areas.