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Air Conditioning Maintenance Mobile Service Engineer for Car Van Truck Tractor Cab Air Conditioning and Refrigeration covering; Shrewsbury, Telford, Shropshire and Mid Wales areas.

AC Mobile repair FGAS 2079 class 1 trained service engineer travels to you to diagnose the fault with your car truck or tractor air conditioning system .

Facilities to service and repair vehicle air conditioning systems on site where component access allows including:

Refrigerant Regas, Oxygen Free Nitrogen pressure test of  vehicle air conditioning system, Refrigerant identification, Refrigerant Recovery , Refrigerant oil addition, Vacuum (evacuation) of system , Air Conditioning system diagnostics , Component  replacement, Metal air conditioning pipe repair, Flexible refrigerant hose assembly. vent temperature check. Electrical  system diagnostics, climate control system computerised diagnostics.

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Supply of   air conditioning compressors, switches & components, heaters, heater blower fan motors, repairs to : Vans   * HGV Trucks * Minibuses  * Coaches  * Ambulance * Excavators * Construction equipment  * Quarry plant  * Agricultural machinery * Marine * Motorhome

Vehicle Air Conditioning System Benefits:

An Efficient vehicle air conditioning system will reduce high cabin temperature by cooling effect if heater blower fan vent system is set to recirculation mode. If the evaporator fan (blower fan for cabin) is producing warm air from vents then the air conditioning system is likely to need service maintenance.

Enhance driver and passenger safety by maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature in hot working conditions to reduce risk of heat exhaustion. Cabin compartment air is chilled by heat transfer to produce a cooler climate for more comfortable fresh environment

Cab Temperature control Improves working environment for operators of mobile plant increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

Maintain vision by keeping the windscreen demisted. Some systems can reverse the flow of refrigerant to provide heating as well as cooling.

Filtration of air entering the passenger compartment cab reducing dusts and pollution

Dehumidifying - Drying of the air circulating in the passenger compartment

Enhancement of vehicle security allowing windows to remain closed in hot weather

Strict Legislation applies to the servicing of Vehicle Mobile Air Conditioning Systems. See(MAC directive) of EC F-Gas (Fluorinated Gas) Regulations also see for more details.

Persons handling refrigerant  must be F-gas trained and qualified as a refrigerant handler to meet the requirements of 2014 EC regulations and also company registered see Guidance notes

more information about F Gas regulations and guidance is available from Gluckman Consulting see IS6 and IS22

Commercial vehicle transport refrigeration systems may use alternative refrigerants.

Different refrigerant types and systems require different service equipment.

Moisture and  the Air conditioning system

Moisture is a main enemy of the air conditioning system components  because;

  • Moisture can form ice and cause refrigerant circuit components to block.
  • Moisture within the refrigerant circuit can mix with oil to form acids which corrode the air conditioner system components.
  • Moisture accumulating on the surface of the evaporator and within air vents can breed bacteria causing smells inside the vehicle ( aka Sick car syndrome)
  • Moisture can enter the refrigerant system if a leak occurs allowing air ingress or if the system has been opened.

    Marginal refrigerant gas loss can occur over time. The only effective cure for a refrigerant leak is a repair or component renewal.

    Vehicle Air Conditioning Mobile Service Areas:

    Shrewsbury - Shropshire - Telford and Wrekin -  Shifnal  -  Market Drayton - Newport - Wem - Whitchurch - Much Wenlock - Ludlow - Welshpool - Oswestry - Ellesmere - Newtown

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