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We keep some stock of Eberspacher and Webasto cab night heater components including some 12v and 24v fuel pumps in case of breakdown.
Local vehicle nightheater breakdown callout around Shrewsbury Shropshire & Mid Wales (UK) area .

Vehicle Night Heater Application

A night heater can provide temperature controlled warmth and ventilation inside many types of commercial and leisure vehicles.
Nightheaters are commonly fitted to :
Leisure vehicles including camper vans, motorhome, van conversions, and boat.
The passenger area of buses, minibuses, and ambulances to improve passenger comfort.
Commercial vehicles including Hgv trucks and vans , utility service vehicles, mobile canteens.
Utility service vans
Construction plant including excavators, bulldozers , and dump trucks, to improve operator working conditions.
Offgrid living heating

Night heaters combine quiet operation to provide warmth with fuel efficient operation without the need for the vehicle engine to be running.

How Diesel Night Heaters Work


Heater unit casing containing controller, fan motor, combustion chamber, filter, glowpin, and flame / temperature sensors
Ventilation ducting
Wiring harness
External controller
Fuel pump
Fuel lines
Air intake duct
Exhaust tube


An onboard diesel fuelled night heater installation consists of a fuel pump drawing diesel from the fuel tank supply and pumping pressurised fuel into a heat exchanger combustion chamber.
The pressurised fuel inside the combustion chamber is ignited by a glow pin to produce heat.
A blower fan module sucks air into the night heater inlet then blows air across the exterior of the heat exchanger to output warm blown air through ducting and vents.
Exhaust fumes produced inside the night heater combustion chamber during the combustion process are expelled safely outside the vehicle via the nightheater exhaust.
Combustion flame, blower fan speed, and blown air temperature are monitored by a control unit.
When the night heater is switched on a ticking noise may be heard as the fuel pump operates to prime fuel to the heater.
The blower unit fan may operate gradually increasing rpm speed as the night heater starts.
Hot exhaust gases will be expelled via the exhaust once the heater has started.

Temperature Control

Temperature control setting is selected using a thermostat and controlled by temperature sensors.

Safety features

Onboard night heaters have inbuilt safety features to prevent diesel fuel being pumped to the heater if the flame is absent.
Startup, running , and shutdown is monitored and controlled by an electronic control unit (ecu).
In the event of glow pin failure or other fault the heater may not work.
Repeated failure to start may cause the night heater to enter a lockout mode which will then prevent further operation until a reset procedure sometimes requiring diagnostic equipment is carried out.

Electronic control units rely upon having a reliable power supply at the correct voltage and good electrical connections.
Low or excessive battery voltage level may prevent heater operation.
Wiring and connection faults can also prevent the heater operating.

Night Heater Electronic Diagnostics

Specialised computer diagnostic equipment, software, and interface leads may be required to access 12v or 24v night heater diagnostic features.
Connection of control unit diagnosis equipment may enable the heater to be run off the vehicle for bench testing.

Heater fault codes

Many night heaters have fault code diagnostic functions allowing in service testing should a breakdown occur.
Manufacturers provide a list of heater specific fault codes listed within workshop manuals.
Specialist night heater diagnostic equipment and software may be required to access.
Problems during start up or operation may cause the heater control module to log error codes and lock out preventing startup.
Fault code memory may need to be reset to allow system start.
Some night heater component faults may require removal of the heater from the vehicle to allow stripdown and rebuild.

Common Night Heater Faults

Some common faults which may prevent night heater working or cause excessive white or black smoke :
Low power supply voltage may cause the night heater to log an undervoltage fault particularly where a night heater has been wired to operate from an auxilliary battery split charge system in camper van conversions and the split charge system is not operating.
Battery voltage too high may log an overvoltage fault typically due to an overcharging vehicle alternator.
Heater lockout may prevent startup until error rectified and fault codes reset.
Electrical wiring harness looms, connections, and controls.
Build up of carbon inside the heater combustion chamber and glow plug screen may cause ignition or combustion faults. Excessive smoke from the heater exhaust indicates that the heater needs servicing.
Fuel supply faults - Blockage, Fuel pump failure
Blower fan motor failure. Blower fan speed is controlled and monitored by the night heater ecu.
Night heater exhausts are generally stainless steel but may deteriorate over time due to damage.

Night Heater Output

Night heater kits are available for 12v and 24v vehicles in a range of models and outputs to suit the volume of the space to be heated.

2 kW blown air heater

A 2kW night heater is the most popular size for cabin heating applications in vans, lorry sleeper cabs, camper vans and motorhomes.

3-5kW blown air heater

3 to 5 kW air heaters are popular for applications including minibuses ambulances and motorhomes.

Above 5kW blown air heater

Heaters above 5 kW may be specified for heating of larger vehicle interiors such as Library vans, Buses, Cargo areas etc.

Night Heater makes and models

Manufacturer : Eberspacher
Popular blown air heater models include Airtronic D2 D2L M2 S2 D4 D4 D5 D8LC

Manufacturer : Propex

Manufacturer : Webasto
Popular models include Airtop 2000

Manufacturer : VVKB

Manufacturer : Planar

Oem names are used for reference purposes only

Tel: 01743 884888 for Auto electrical & Diesel Nightheater mobile breakdown service in Shrewsbury & Telford , Shropshire, and Mid Wales areas.