(last price update 01/09/2019)
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Part No Image Pin Layout Current rating Description Nett Price View/Buy Link
SARB533 12v 20Amp Relay 86 Coil +v
85 Coil -ve
30 Power input
87 Power Switch Output
20A 12 volt Normally Open Relay with fixing bracket £7.26
SARB520 12v 30Amp Relay 30A 12 volt Normally Open Relay with fixing bracket £5.32
SARB522 30A Fused 12v Normally Open Relay £10.56
SARB523 12v 40Amp Relay 40A 12v Normally Open Relay £7.26
SARB544 12v 70amp relay 70 Amp 12 volt Normally Open Heavy Duty Relay £9.44
SARB542 12v 200A relay 200A Heavy Duty 12v Power Relay £27.04

Normally Open Relay Description

A normally open relay consists of an electromagnetic coil which actuates switch contacts . This allows a load circuit to be switched by a control circuit. The normally open relay switch contacts are open or not linked whilst the relay coil is not powered. When the control circuit terminals 85 (-ve return) & 86 (control +ve) receive power this energises the electromagnetic coil which moves to close the switch contacts and "make" the load circuit between terminals 30 (supply ) and 87 (load).

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