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Yellow Crimp  terminals for use with automotive cable  3.0mm to 6.0mm   -  Red terminals   - Blue terminals  
Pricelist last updated December 2010 only applies to mail order online orders.
Part No Image Connector size Description Pack size Nett Price (excl VAT) Buy Product
SAUB342M 6.4mm  Male  plain
lucar blade type terminal
50 �2.38
SAUB342 6.4mm Female
lucar  type terminal




SAUB345 6.4mm Female Pre insulated
lucar  type terminal




SAUB343 10.0mm Female
lucar  type terminal
50 �3.28
SAUB328 3 to 6 mm Butt crimp wire  connector 50 �2.53
SAUB332 5.0mm Male Bullet terminal 50 �2.29
SAUB331 5.0mm Female Bullet Socket Terminal 50 �3.07
SAUB337 4.3mm Fork terminal 50 �2.54
SAUB338 5.0mm Fork terminal 50 �2.54
SAUB339 6.4mm Fork terminal 50 �2.96
SAUB322 4.3mm Ring terminal 50 �2.48
SAUB323 5.0mm Ring terminal 50 �2.48
SAUB324 6.0mm Ring terminal 50 �3.39
SAUB325 8.0mm Ring terminal 50 �3.39
SAUB326 10.0mm Ring terminal 50 �3.68
SAUB327 12.0mm Ring terminal 50 �4.11
SAST023      Assortment of  approx 370 various Yellow crimp terminals in compartment  box.. 1 box of 370 terminals �21.60
SACB111     Crimp tool for fitting of insulated terminals   �26.19
SACB130     Wire snips cable cutter   �2.53
      Red terminals link     
      Blue terminals link      
      Un insulated terminals link      

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