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SASW288 battery isolation switch
 Battery Cut off Isolation Switch with removable red key for general automotive use


100 Amps continuous @ 12 volts d.c.

500A for 5 sec


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SABS013 75 Amp battery switch
Battery Isolator switch with removable red key . Requires 24mm dia hole to panel mount, Splash proof, M8 Studs,

replacing SSB112

75A @ 12v


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Battery Master Switch for Motorsports Race Rally Cars - FIA Approved type with resistor for alternator protection



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SASW290 hgv battery isolator switch
 Heavy Duty  Battery Isolating Switch with removable key . M10 Studs. Electrical life of 10000 operations.

Applications: HGV Construction Plant, Quarry Mobile Plant, Road Gritter, HGV Horsebox,

Replacing :  SSB111

250A continuous @ 12v

2500A for 5 secs

rated for 12 volt or 24v

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SABS004 battery disconnection switch
Zinc Plated battery isolator switch

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SASW289 battery switches
 Key operated battery isolator switch fits 20mm hole in panel. Replacing  Part no SSB106
100 Amps Continuous @ 12 v.dc


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SABS014 key operated battery switch
Chrome finish Security On / Off   Control Key Operated 12v battery isolation switch
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Single pole battery power isolation switch with M10 terminals
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SABS003 double pole battery switch
Double pole Battery Power Safety Isolator
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SABS006 marine battery switch
High quality battery isolator switch operated by rotating  T handle (non removable) key
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SABS005 adr battery switch
ADR (Hazardous Goods Transport) Battery switch with air operated actuator ram for HGV commercial vehicle applications eg Fire engine , Road tanker, Automatic power isolation systems where rapid battery disconnection is required in event of emergency. The Supplier of this product is quality approved
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SABS007 24v solenoid
24 volt 100A

Power Isolation Solenoid

Switch rating 130A continuous @ 24 volts dc
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SABS001 adr bistable battery switch
24V ADR compliant HGV Double Pole Bi Stable Battery Isolation device with remote switch control facility to disconnect both positive and negative battery supply. Can be used as a replacement for SSB100 type switch
300 Amps nominal

1500Amps surge

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SABS011 bi stable battery switch
Bi Stable Battery Isolator for remote battery disconnection
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SBX175 anderson plug
 175 Amp Anderson power connector
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SAQB387 welding cable
35mm sq csa RED Battery cable roll length 30 metres
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SAQB386 welding cable
35mm sq csa BLACK Battery cable roll length 30 metres
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SACT350 battery terminal
Compression terminals 35-10 (35mm cable entry - 10mm terminal hole)  pack of 10
SACB114 heavy duty terminal crimping tool
Heavy duty crimping tool for manufacture of battery and high current power cables using copper tube CT type terminals

Professional tool for electricians

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SACB115 heavy duty crimping tool
Very Heavy Duty crimping tool for battery and inverter power cable connection terminals
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Battery Isolation Switches provide a means of  disconnection and reconnection of battery banks. Battery isolator switch gear should be specified to take account of  maximum intermittent and continuous circuit (Amps) current at switch rated voltage. Auto electrical system peak current will usually occur as a vehicle engine is started from cold as the starter motor rotates, though battery isolator switches may be used on other circuit applications for example to switch in extra battery banks on leisure and specialist vehicles  eg where an inverter power system is in use or to switch main power supply to DC winch motors. The Battery Isolator switch also has applications to prevent battery discharge from parasitic current drain where a vehicle may be standing for long periods of time. A battery isolator switch can also prevent unauthorised machine operation for example when construction plant is parked on a site.  Problems caused by misuse of a battery switch may occur when electronic components are present in the circuit eg if the battery switch is used to disconnect power when the engine is running , alternator diode damage may occur.
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Battery Isolation Switches : Typical Main applications

  • On / Off control of main high current power supply to winches, power inverters, 12 volt or 24 volt motors.
  • Vehicle security to disconnect battery power supply
  • Emergency power shut off for Motorsports Road Race and Rally Vehicles.
  • Battery saving device where vehicle battery requires rapid disconnection and reconnection
  • Earth Moving Equipment anti vandal isolation.
  • Landrover 4x4 and Over land expedition vehicle battery isolation
  • Agricultural machinery battery isolation
  • Ground care machinery battery isolation
  • Marine yacht boat canal boat domestic or house auxilliary battery bank switching
  • Where a parasitic current drain exists a battery isolator switch may be used to disconnect the batteries Important note : Please check with manufacturers specifications and technical information as some vehicles may require computer software update after battery disconnection.

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