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Vehicle Fleet Tracking Solutions

Tracking devices can be fitted to vehicles to allow global positioning system (GPS) location monitoring of vehicle movements by satellite link with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or mobile phone network telematics. Mobile phone network redundancy can be encountered by fitment of two way radio transceivers to vehicles. Vehicle tracking allows route planning to reschedule loads where road network delays exist.

Dallas Key

A 'Dallas Key' is a coded radio frequency identification device (RFID) which is used by the vehicle driver as a touch key fob. The dallas key links the driver identification to the vehicle tracking device module.

Vehicle Monitoring

The tracking device module is linked to the vehicle controller area network (CAN) ie. the vehicle computer systems including engine management which can monitor
Vehicle speeds during acceleration and braking to build a pattern of driver and vehicle performance.
Engine temperatures for overheat status
Vehicle control module fault code reporting

Enhanced monitoring can be linked to vision and alert systems including cameras and beacons, as well as specialist vehicle body equipment.

Real time Reporting

Tracking software can allow transport managers to locate vehicle positions in real time enhancing customer response and driver personnel security.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT provides connected technology allowing physical devices to communicate as part of a network.

Fleet vehicle RFID Fuel tags

Fleet vehicles may be fitted with RFID tags to identify and authorise fuel delivery from a bunkering system. RFID tagging system combined with vehicle tracking and geolocation mapping can provide a means of optimising and cross checking vehcle fleet usage

GPS Zone alerts

Zone markers can be set up to detect when vehicles move outside of pre programmed areas raising alert flags on software recording system.

Asset tracking in Agriculture

Agricultural engineering has often resulted in innovative technologies. Crop machinery control systems have often required specific load flow area speed and distance monitoring capabilities to ensure accurate and cost efficient use of time, fuel, and chemicals. RFID tagging has been used to monitor animal identification and behaviour for feeding to optimise foodstuffs usage and minimise waste.

Balancing fleet tracking against Human rights and Data protection

Concerns may be raised where tracking of vehicles, drivers and passengers, has privacy implications in relation to the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and within the UK the Human Rights Act (1998).