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We supply a wide range of switches for autoelectrical applications to UK purchasers

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Battery Isolator Switch Range

Battery main isolator switches are heavy duty switches capable of handling high peak currents found on automotive starter circuits or to switch auxilliary batteries. The Battery Isolator Switch may be wired to interrupt the battery positive supply lead or battery negative return lead .

battery isolator switch

Brake Light Switches

Brake or Stop light switches are mostly of Normally Open type which contact the brake pedal so that when the pedal is depressed switch contacts close to apply power to either the brake light circuit, a relay , or complete a signal circuit.

Ignition Switches for Tractors and Construction Plant

Lucas type ignition switches

tractor ignition switch

Pin Switches for Courtesy Lights and Vehicle Alarm Systems

pin switch

Push Pull Switch Range

pull switch

Push Button Switch Range

push button switch

Reverse Light Switches Range

Rocker Switch Range

blue rocker switch

Toggle Switch Range

toggle switch

3 Way Switch Range

A three way switch is often used for direction indicator circuits where a common input can be switched to operate left or right flasher lamps


3 way toggle switch on off on

Switch Panel Range

Manufactured switch panels for lightbars and beacons HC172200

Voltage Sensitive Automatic Switch

Voltage sensitive automatic switch relay for battery to battery split charge system

Classic tractor starter motor switch

Thread size M16 contact switch wired to operate coil of remote solenoid when the M45G type starter lever is pressed : HC118183

Replaces Lucas 30972 , 35631, 38890b,

Oil Pressure Switch Range

Engine oil pressure switch circuit may be wired to cause an instrument panel oil pressure warning light to illuminate when engine oil pressure is low (below setpoint).

Specified by pressure (bar) and thread (mm)

Coolant Temperature Switch Range

Specified by thread size and working temperature C

Thermo Temperature Switch Range

Specified by thread size and working temperature C

Air Conditioning Pressure Switch Range

Specified for application by no.of pins, thread size and refrigerant type

Automatic Float Switch Range

Automatic float switches are used to monitor water levels to trigger operation of pumping equipment or alarms. HC07160

Emergency Stop Control Switches

E Stop Switches used to provide emergency shut down of machinery

Proximity Switches

Proximity switches are used to sense component position


Control Station Switches

for Tail lift , Hoist, Bin lift, Waste compactor, Plant

Fitting Guidelines for Automotive switches

We supply a wide range of autoelectrical switches for 12 volt and 24 volt motor vehicle applications.
The optimum switch for your application may be selected based on voltage and current handling specification.
Switch location and ergonomics must also be taken into account.

Multiple auto electrical switches may be used to manufacture automotive electrical switch panels during project builds.

If planning to drill holes in vehicle interior or exterior panels always check what is the other side of the panel before you drill to avoid damage to wiring looms and other components.

Parts and tools you may require

  • Electric drill , Air drill or Portable battery drill
  • Step drill , Cone drill or suitably sized drill bits
  • Wire cutter
  • Cable insulation stripper
  • Pre insulated terminals
  • Terminal Crimp Tool
  • Rubber grommets
  • Electrical cable.

We supply a full range of auto electrical wiring accessories and tools for use in the manufacture, installation, repair, refurbishment of specialist vehicle electrical systems

Classic Vehicle Switch Circuits

On older vehicles the switch is often in the 'live' side of the circuit to the component. DC systems often use chassis ground as the circuit return.

Modern vehicles fitted with electronic control modules

Modern vehicles may have switches fitted in the live side of the component circuit,
or where a control module is fitted the switch may trigger a signal path from control module to ground.

Voltage drop across switch contacts

An excessive voltage drop across switch contacts may indicate that the switch is faulty due to worn or dirty contacts creating high resistance requiring switch replacement.