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35/0.3mm� Single Core PVC  Insulated Automotive Cables

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Single Core Cable Part No Main Colour Tracer Colour  Cable conductor Specification Conductor
Description Approx
Nett Price
(excl VAT)


  35/0.3mm 2.5 mm 50 Metre roll of Black single core multistrand automotive electrical cable 35 strands of 0.3mm copper


21.75 A

�20.18 per roll 50 metres




  35/0.3mm 2.5 mm 50 Metre roll of Red single core automotive electric cable


21.75 A

�20.18 per roll 50 metres


35/0.3mm Cable with 2.5mm� Cross sectional area copper core.

0.0075 Ω Resistance  per Metre at 20 ۫ C

Equivalent American 13 guage

Nominal outside cable diameter  3.55 mm

Copper cored cables : The conductor is specified by cross sectional area in mm sq.

Always route vehicle cables to avoid chaffing of insulation against moving parts of machinery.

Always fit adequate fusing to protect the cable.

Calculate the correct size of cable required using Ohms law and take account of voltage drop over distance of cable run and temperature or environment where cable is placed.


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