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Audible Warning Devices
Alarms, Bleepers, Buzzers, Horns, Sirens
Beacons - Lightbars - Xenon Flashing Lamps - High Visibility - Reflective - Visual Warning Devices

Communications Equipment Installation
2 Way radios, Mobile phones, vehicle tracking systems can provide a vital link between the vehicle / operator and company base.

Eye Protection

Electrical Safety
Vehicle wiring systems generally operate at low voltage ie 12 volts or 24 volts BUT.. there are higher voltages present on certain vehicle systems associated with hybrid vehicles and high tension ignition systems which can cause fatal electric shock
Specialist vehicles may be fitted with on board power systems such as inverters and generators with output at mains electricity levels.

Many vehicle systems although operating at low voltage , also operate with high current (amps) levels on circuits such as starter motor and main power feeds. Vehicles often operate in damp environments which can lead to corroded connectors and high resistance resulting in heat.

Cables in vehicles can be subjected to vibration , flexing and movement resulting in damage to insulation. We supply a wide range of new cable, connectors, conduit, insulation and cable security fixings.


Emergency Stop Control Buttons for vehicle systems


Fire Safety :
Vehicle fires can occur due to many reasons due to the combination of electricity, heat, and fuel.

First Aid Kits
Oil Spill Kits  protect the environment to contain oil spillage due to oil leakage from lubrication and hydraulic systems during servicing or breakdown emergency. Workshop or Service Van equipment.
Oil spills can also cause slips and falls.

Protective Disposable Clothing
Respiratory Protection - Dust masks
Reversing Equipment - CCTV monitoring to reduce risk - Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Kits
Temperature - Heating and Climate Control - Survival blanket

The Climate control system can have its own safety issues including High pressure  refrigerant gases that can cause cold burns, moving parts, and components that can accumulate bacteria. See our Air conditioning page for more information.
During cold weather , cab heaters, windscreen washers and wipers are essential equipment.


SRS - Supplementary Restraint systems
SRS systems relate to airbags and seatbelts.
Vehicle SRS system faults usually result in the safety system being disabled by the control unit and the airbag light illuminating on the dash panel.


Vehicle Safety Inspections

Lifting Equipment LOLER test


Vehicle Wheel Nut Security Indicators

HSE Guidance Notes - Health & Safety in the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry - Risk Assessment

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