Mobile Trailer Electrics Servicing and Repairs in Shropshire

On Site mobile service for available for fleet trailer autoelectrical repair for most vehicle trailers

Wiring loom installation and repairs
Fitting of plugs, sockets, cabling, and obligatory trailer lights
Brake servicing
Onsite Mobile Welding (subject to risk assessment)

Business Hours

Normal Hours: 08.00 hrs to 18.00hrs Monday to Friday | 08.30 hrs to 12.30hrs Saturday
24 hour emergency breakdown callout for out of hours ,Sundays, and Bank Holiday Monday subject to workload for breakdown cover.

Location and Service Area

Autoelectrical repairs and Vehicle Repair Mobile Service business with On site callout servicing
Shrewsbury (SY)   Telford (TF) Shropshire county & Welshpool Mid Wales Region

Trailer and Towing Legislation

Trailers operated in the UK must comply with specific legislation and roadworthiness law requirements.

Key legislation includes:
Road vehicles construction and use (see: link and amendments).
Road vehicles lighting regulations (see: linkand amendments).
Road Traffic Act 1991 (see linkand amendments).
Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Act 2018 c.19
Operator Licensing for commercial vehicle operators - Goods vehicle(Licensing of Operators Act) 1995 c.23

Trailers are designated categories 01,02,03,04

GVW : Trailers must be marked with gross vehicle weight in kg.

Trailers manufactured after October 2012 require Type approval certification and a Vehicle identification (VIN) or chassis number : see link to Vehicle Certification Agency website for more information (link opens in new tab).

Trailers manufactured in small numbers can use Individual Vehicle Approval : see link to Individual vehicle approval information on government website (link opens in new tab).

The Driver must be adequately licensed for the trailer used.

Trailer Chassis and Running Gear

Trailer chassis is the load bearing structure supporting the trailer body. Chassis rails may be pressed steel or custom built fabrication. Vibration and stresses may lead to cracks in either structural parts or welds. Corrosion may reduce metal thickness and strength.

Trailer hitch

The trailer hitch should be correctly rated for the gross vehicle weight of the trailer.

Light vehicle trailer chassis will be fitted with a bolt on trailer hitch which may be either 50mm ballhitch or towing eye type.
The trailer hitch will wear over time and should be checked for operation, security, cracks, etc. On light vehicle trailers , sliding movement of the trailer hitch is often responsible for operating brake actuation rods.

Agricultural trailers are often fitted with a weld on ringeye drawbar hitch

HGV Semi trailers use a fifth wheel coupling.

Security and condition of the trailer hitch is safety critical on all trailers.

Trailer Suspension

Light vehicle trailers are commonly fitted with either individual suspension units or road springs.

Heavy vehicle trailers may have either spring or air suspension.

Check security and condition of all suspension components.

Trailer braking system

Trailers below 750kg gross vehicle weight (trailer and load combined) may be unbraked and rely on the braking efficiency of the towing vehicle. Unbraked trailers must still have an identifiable trailer chassis number and manufacture date.

Light vehicle trailers (over 750kg but less than 3500kg GVW) often have a mechanical braking system where brake actuator rods operate brake cables which attach to brake shoe expander device to move brake shoes against brake drums.

Agricultural trailers often use either a hydraulically operated braking system or air brakes.

Heavy Commercial HGV vehicles generally utilise an air brake system.

Problems can occur when towing light vehicle trailers behind trucks if the operator has forgotten to release the trailer brake and may not notice that the towed vehicle brakes are partially applied causing trailer brake linings to overheat and fail.

Trailer Wheels and Hubs

Check load rating type and condition of tyres

Check all stub axles and axles for security and condition.

Check all wheel bearings for deterioration , play and adjustment.

Check condition and security of roadwheels including wheelnut torque.

Trailer Lights

Auto Electrical wiring

Autoelectrical wiring systems connect electrical and electronic vehicle components. Correct cable specification and good connections are essential.

Vehicle electrical breakdowns can have many linked causes including Loss of power supply, low voltage, excessively high voltage, Open circuit, Short circuit, high resistance, low resistance, which may have further effect on components.

12N Light Vehicle Trailer Wiring

UK light car trailer and caravan wiring often connects to the towing vehicle via 7 pin 12N plug & Socket.

trailer lighting cable

Trailer Lights wiring Colors used with 7 core cable and 12N connector

Trailer Electrical Parts

Standardised UK trailer lights wiring uses seven core cable wired to colour code:

Function Code Wire colour
Left Indicator Flasher Lamp1LYellow
Rear Fog lamp2Blue
Earth Common Return3White
Right Indicator Flasher Lamp4Green
Right Tail and Side Markers5Brown
Stop Brake Lights6Red
Left Tail and Side Marker Lights7Black

Trailer Wiring Looms

Trailer Wiring Loom Prototype, manufacture,installation.
Autoelectrical testing and repair of trailer and towing wiring looms and harnesses
Towing Autoelectrical products and component supplier

Trailer general mechanical repairs

A Junction box may be used to allow a connection point for wiring to different lamps.

Cable wiring should be secured. Consider cable ties , chassis clips, or p clips to secure wiring.

Bespoke wiring systems may use Superseal or Deutsch DT connectors or similar plugs to prevent water ingress to wiring loom

Welding & Fabrication

Diesel MMA Mobile welding equipment up to 400 Amps for on site trailer welding repairs.
Mig welding equipment to 250A


Sandblast and Shotblasting equipment for trailer refurbishment

Service Region for Auto electrical & Mechanical


Rurally based near Shrewsbury Shropshire, UK location enables fast access to A458, A5, M54, and Midlands road network for mobile workshop service support technicians to reach vehicle breakdowns in Shrewsbury, Telford, local areas. Service engineers area covers Shrewsbury ,Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire, West Midlands, Welshpool & Mid Wales.

Callout to other UK areas available to account customers.

Trailer On Site Support

Trailer Auto electrics, Trailer Wiring fault finding, and Trailer fleet breakdown repairs are completed on site if possible for convenience and often saving towing costs.

*All services are provided subject to availability. Information supplied on this site is given in good faith but no reliance on accuracy of such information should be made.

Trailer Electrical Parts and Components

Trailer Electrical Parts and components distributed UK nationally by mail order to Motor trade , garages, fleet workshops, motor factors and retail public in conjunction with our approved suppliers.

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