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Vehicle Anti-Lock Brake System Diagnostics

  • Vehicle computerised diagnostics Mobile service for car electrics repair   in Shropshire - Telford, Shrewsbury and  surrounding areas.

    Telephone 07703 558610 for booking.

    ABS Warning light on ? 
    Private Customers, Fleet  & Motor trade Welcome. Unsure if you should drive the vehicle with a dash warning light on - We provide a mobile service that comes  to you.

    ABS Anti-Lock Braking System Function
    The purpose of an anti-lock braking system is to allow the driver to maintain control of the vehicle direction and stability during braking on a variety of road surface conditions to minimise stopping distance.

    Components and Operation

    Wheel Speed Sensors and Exciter rings
    Wheel Speed sensors measure the rotational speed of individual road wheels to produce an electrical signal which is sent back to an anti lock braking system control module. Wheel speed sensor signal may also be used for road speed measurement.

    Brake Pedal Switch
    A brake pedal switch  signal to the ABS controller  ensures the system is only functional during brake operation.

    ABS Control Module and ModulatorThe Antilock braking system control module compares the input signals from each wheel speed sensors during braking to recognise if a potential lock up condition may occur. The ABS control module output function uses solenoids to regulate the  the brake control valve pressure of the affected wheel to prevent the wheel from locking.

    The ABS control module can be sensitive to power supply faults including incorrect battery voltage

    ABS Warning lamp function

    The ABS Warning lamp should illuminate when the ignition is switched on then go out after a system self check has been performed. Should the ABS warning lamp fail to come on or remain constantly lit during vehicle operation then a system fault may be present.

    ABS System Fault Diagnostics
    Modern vehicle ABS may be interrogated using serial diagnostics with a scan tool with suitable software. Use of either multimeter or oscilloscope may be required for further system signal testing.

    MoT fail
    A permanently illuminated ABS warning lamp will often result in MoT test failure as it represents a dangerous condition.

    Typical ABS Faults

    Faulty wheel speed sensors, damaged or dirty rotor sensor ring, faulty modulator solenoids, abnormal battery voltage, system pressure faults, wiring faults.

    Fault Code Definition Possible Cause
    C1095 ABS Hydraulic Motor Circuit Failure Power Supply fault,wiring,Motor failure
    B1342 ECU is Defective or Module not enabled/Switched Power supply fault, broken wiring, ECU defect

    Brake Pad Fitting
    Mobile service for fitting of  Brake Pads, Brake disc rotors  , Brake Shoes, Brake Drums, Wheel cylinders, Brake Calipers,  Handbrake cables.

    Brake System Computerised Diagnostics
    Snap On Diagnostic equipment with up to date version software for modern vehicles is one of a range of tools which provides ABS Fault code reading, ABS Fault code clearing, ABS Actuator testing, ABS ECU interrogation for live data.
    Diagnostic testing available in Telford & Shrewsbury Shropshire areas.