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AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL WIRING PRODUCTS :  BUY ONLINE Professional quality auto electrical accessories and cable terminal supplies direct from the UK national distributor . Buy auto electrical wiring parts supplies and equipment online by mail order for trade or diy use with vehicle wiring installations on car, van , 4x4, Offroader, caravan, motor home, HGV , bus, motorcycle , construction plant , groundcare machinery , classic or vintage tractor, and marine boat applications.  Large  wiring product range includes : Automotive cable , battery clamps ,  electrical terminals , terminal crimping tools , fuses , fuseholders ,lights , switches , horns , dashboard  warning lamps , worklamps , relays , cable ties & clamps, exhaust clamps, fasteners, nuts, bolts , washers, rivets, clips , heatshrink tubing, pvc conduit,  brake tube, first aid kits, trailer lamps , protective clothing, workshop sundries.

Ohms law may be used to calculate the loads applied by components during the design of a circuit:

For example ;
A vehicle is fitted with a work lamp, which is fitted with a 12volt 55watt bulb. The current drawn by the lamp can be calculated using Ohms law by :

Current (I) = Power in watts (W) divided by Voltage(V).

Current (I) = 55 / 12 = 4.58amps

From this the cable size , fuse, and switch capacity required can be calculated.

Changing the rating of the bulb to 100 watts would have the following effect:

Current (I) = 100/12 = 8.33 amps current draw .

The resistance of the lamp can be calculated by

Resistance(R)=Voltage (V) divided by Current (I)

For the 100watt lamp this would be 1.44 Ohms.

If the original cable installed was only capable of handling a 5 amp current flow this would now need to be replaced to take into account the extra consumer load.

To fit additional worklamps on a vehicle without replacing original cabling , Worklamps utilising LED technology could be used with power consumption as low as 7 watts.

To determine the correct size of replacement cable use cable manufacturers specific data for their product and the current loading.The  tables below are approximate guide only.Cable placement, length, and duty cycle of the circuit should also be taken into account when specifying cable.

Various designations exist for vehicle wiring and termination:

British Standard AU7a is for colour coding of wiring used on older british vehicles.
DIN 72 552
DIN terminal numbers are used for defining identifying connection to various devices

DIN 47 002

DIN colour codes for electrical wiring

Trailer wiring plug and socket for 12 volt rear lighting circuits to ISO 1724
Trailer wiring plug and socket for 12 volt supplementary system wiring eg Reverse lamps, power supply, fridge etc. to ISO 3732
13 pin plug and socket wiring for including lighting and auxilliary circuits ISO 11446
24 volt commercial vehicle trailer wiring plug and socket for lighting and trailer braking control ISO 1185


24 volt Supplementary S type plug and socket for reverse lamps, rear fog lamps , and supplementary circuits. ISO 3731

ISO 7638

24 volt Antilock braking system plug and socket.

ISO 12098

Commercial vehicle plug and socket wiring for trailer lighting , Auxilliary circuits, axle lift, traction control, CANbus

Typical cable rating for single core pvc auto cable to BS6862

Cable size
Typical current rating
9/0.3mm 0.65mm
5.75 Amps
14/0.3mm 1.0mm
8.75 Amps
28/0.3mm 2mm
17.5 Amps
35/0.3mm 2.5mm
21.75 Amps
44/0.3mm 3.00mm
27.5 Amps
65/0.3mm 4.50mm
35 Amps
84/0.3mm 6.0mm
42 Amps
97/0.3mm 7.0mm
50 Amps
84/0.4mm 10.00mm
70 Amps

266/0.3mm 20.0mm

135 Amp Starter cable

37/0.90mm 25.0mm

170 Amps Starter cable

61/0.9mm 40.0mm

300 Amps Starter cable

61/1.13mm 60.0mm

415 Amps Starter cable

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