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Reasons why the vehicle engine management light is on

The vehicle engine management light may illuminate if a fault is detected by the engine control unit (ecu).
A fault may be logged in engine computer memory when an event occurs which is outside programmed parameters, for example, an electrical wire breaks causing loss of a signal to the computer control.
There are hundreds of possible causes so first step is to have a vehicle diagnostic check to identify the faults logged as seen by the ECU.
The vehicle engine ecu communicates with vehicle diagnostic equipment via a serial data connection.
Serial data allows the diagnostic computer to read and display any stored fault codes logged by the engine controller.
Further investigation will be required to determine the actual cause of the logged fault code.

Could a fault exist and the engine light stay off?

Electronic faults may happen very rapidly, in fact so quickly that on occasion the fault is not seen by the control unit due to computer processing speed.
This scenario can be likened to a photographer taking a picture of a racing car going around a track, the racing car may have passed very quickly and the cameraman missed the event.

Engine Diagnostic Scan

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Stage 1 : Fault code read

The scan tool can perform an Electronic Health Check to download a list of fault codes which may have caused a check engine light on fault.
Fault codes should be recorded.

Stage 2 : Investigate

Problems with electrical or mechanical systems may cause a engine light on fault.
Visual checks should be made first for any obvious defect.
Electrical tests may be required to pinpoint broken or damaged wiring, lost connections, power supply faults, or control unit faults.
More indepth investigation may require electrical signal testing of components.

Stage 3 : Repair or renew

Simple adjustments may be required (adaptation)
Vehicle wiring repairs may be needed
Components may need exchange repair or renewal.

Stage 4 : Clear logged fault codes

Fault codes may be cleared after effective repair. If a fault still exists then the check engine light will probably come on again.

Engine Control Systems

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Petrol fuel injection systems
Electronic ignition systems

Exhaust Emissions Aftertreatment Systems

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
DPF Regeneration

Supply of Vehicle Engine Management Parts

Autoelectrical wiring parts

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