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Ignition Modules

Product Category : Electronic Ignition Parts > Ignition Amplifier Modules

Electronic ignition is fitted to many petrol and LPG vehicles

Ignition module function

The electronic ignition module is responsible for switching of the low tension primary current circuit of the vehicle ignition coil.

Ignition Module Triggering

The operation of the ignition module is triggered by an input sensor.

 Depending on type the ignition amplifier module may be triggered by the ac signal from a  magnetic inductive sensor providing speed and crank position from a toothed wheel, or by the digital signal from a a magnetic sensor based on Hall effect interruption of a magnetic field . The inputted trigger signal from a pulse generator is converted to an accurate waveform by a circuit known as a Schmitt trigger. The inputted signal is then amplified and used to operate the power switching stage.

Replacement Ignition Modules

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