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Breakdown Services:

Subject to availability We operate a local breakdown service callout to vehicles where the legitimate vehicle owner has either accidently locked the car keys in the vehicle or where an aftermarket immobiliser may be preventing the vehicle owner from starting the vehicle.

Insurance Advisory

If the vehicle alarm or immobiliser is to be removed or bypassed this should be notified to your vehicle insurance company beforehand as it may affect vehicle insurance policy.

Touch key Immobiliser

We can supply and install touch key immobilisers. An Immobiliser control unit is hard wired in to various vehicle wiring circuits to prevent engine start and run. When vehicle ignition is turned off the immobiliser automatically activates after approx 30 seconds to disable starting of vehicle. A touch key (small electronic fob device often attached to key ring) is physically touched against a receptacle socket to deactivate the aftermarket immobiliser and allow vehicle start by normal method. The touch key immobiliser offers added protection against ecu coding bypass methods.

Coded Car Keys

Most modern vehicles have factory fitted immobilisation system operating in conjunction with a 'chipped' key . The coded key system greatly reduces the risk of vehicle theft though criminals may acquire the coded key.

We do not supply car keys but some diagnostic equipment has key recoding facilities.

Vehicle security pass pincode information must be obtained by the vehicle owner to allow reprogram of key code if matching new module to key or vice versa.

Ignition key broken off in ignition barrel

If the Car ignition key has broken off in the ignition lock in some circumstances broken keys can be extracted. Where this is not possible a new ignition lock assembly may need to be fitted.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance companies may offer discounts as an incentive to encourage fitting of vehicle alarm and immobilisation systems to reduce vehicle theft risk.

High performance cars,luxury vehicles with a high insurance group rating, and machinery may be required by the vehicle insurer to have additional alarm and immobilisation systems fitted as a policy condition.

Older vehicles and classic cars may have an add on aftermarket alarm or immobiliser fitted .

An additional aftermarket alarm system may be fitted to increase deterrent and reduce theft risk. Some of the more expensive alarm systems may incorporate remote immobilisation operating by GPS mobile phone system or similar, allowing the vehicle to be immobilised remotely.

Vehicle tracking by GPS

A GPS vehicle tracking system may be fitted to broadcast vehicle location.