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What is Telematics ?

Telematics is a black box system of vehicle machine or plant tracking and remote monitoring using GPRS (General Packet Radio System) which allows wireless communication of data on 2G, 3G or 4G mobile networks.

Who uses Telematics

Telematics is useful for fleet managers to track vehicle whereabouts during operation of the vehicle fleet :

  • HGV Commercial Truck fleet
  • Coach and Bus Companies
  • Taxi operators
  • Construction plant hire equipment
  • Agricultural machines Tractor Crop Sprayer Combine Harvester
  • Utility companies
  • Emergency Services
  • Telematics linked to camera system

    Telematics can be connected to camera monitoring systems to provide visual information of vehicle operation

    Canbus Data

    Canbus refers to Controller Area Network bus system which is an electronic means of transmitting critical data from vehicle sensor inputs to central processing then outputs.

    Canbus SAE Protocol

    The SAE protocol refers to standards for data transmission. Many Truck, Construction Plant, Agricultural Machinery and Marine equipment applications uses SAE J1939 , J1708 or J1587 protocols though there are others.

    What data is available

    A range of data from sensor inputs is available to provide position, speed , material flow, temperature, body controller inputs and outputs, and much more.

    How can data be used

    The fleet operator can use data for fleet management by tracking vehicle location , speed, fuel usage, idle time, material flow and process monitoring. Vehicle operating data can be processed to adjust maintenance schedules saving workshop downtime and increase vehicle fleet productivity.

    Engineers may use monitoring information to provide breakdown diagnostics for routine and preventative maintenance.

    Machine manufacturers may use monitoring data to improve products

    Machine dealers may use data to condition monitor assets for replacement purposes.

    Location data can be used for route planning ,fleet tracking and security

    Insurance companies use tracking data to check compliance with policy conditions


    Geofencing sets up area boundary parameters on a map where a vehicle or machine is located and can set an alert when the geofence is crossed. Geofencing is useful for vehicle security applications to enable the fleet operator to locate a machine that has moved from normal working zone. Geofencing can also be utilised for example, by service providers such as taxi operators to locate a vehicle which is local to a job.

    Can systems be linked ?

    Camera systems can be linked to telematics black boxes to provide audio and visual monitoring

    Who owns the data?

    This poses a major legal question . Data must comply with provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998

    Case law on this point is often mooted and it is questionable however individuals have the right to request copies of data stored about them using a subject data access request.

    How is data transmitted ?

    Data is transmitted from the machine black box by radio transmission usually over a mobile network to which a subscription is payable

    Data Security

    Vehicle tracking systems are often connected directly to the EOBD port of the vehicle as a convenient point of access, or may be wired directly into vehicle networks.

    Potential exists for data security breaches which could allow a hacker to shut down systems on a vehicle or plant by remote programming.

    Installers of tracking equipment rely on software and hardware security implementations of the tracking system developer.


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