Local Shropshire breakdown callout for wiring fault finding on classic tractors & farm machinery.
Assistance with Research & Development prototype projects

Starting and charging circuit - Starter motors - Alternators




Please see our air conditioning page for more info.
Air conditioner fault tracing on tractors , combines, crop sprayers. Facilities for test , repair and regas. FGAS qualified engineer to recover and recharge refrigerant.


Robotics & Automation

Innovate UK offers funding for Robotics and Automation projects in Agriculture and Horticulture (Registration closes 15/03/2023)


Electromechanical linear actuator rams are used on farm machines such as combines. We may be able to repair failed linear actuators.


Electrohydraulic solenoids are used on many agricultural machines to activate hydraulic circuits controlling hydraulic oil flow to hydraulic rams and motors. Proportional solenoids may be electrically controlled by a pulse width modulated (pwm) signal from a controller. Solenoid on/off time may be controlled by the electrical pulse width and duty cycle. PWM signals may be checked using diagnostic equipment such as an oscilloscope to measure voltage / current over time.

Electric linear actuators

Electric linear actuators are used to position and move other components, a typical example used in agriculture would be an electric actuator used to open and close a slide chute to control flow of materials.

Visual Imaging Systems

Visual imaging systems for the agricultural industry fall into several categories including close circuit television (CCTV) camera systems used to monitor harvesting operations, security, and animal welfare. Due to difficulties with colour image detection, robotic imaging systems may recognise different shades of grey to build up image patterns.

Starter Motors

We supply and repair a wide range of starter motors to fit agricultural tractors and engine driven machines. We have sourced some of the harder to locate starter motors by cross reference based on dimensions. We supply parts for starter motors such as solenoids, armatures, starter drives, and brushes.

Alternator - Dynamo - Electrical Charging System Components

We supply a wide range of alternators , dynamos , and autoelectrical repair parts to fit agricultural machinery.
A common problem affecting farm machinery alternators is build up of debris such as chaff and dust drawn into the alternator causing premature failure. Older machinery can suffer from worn out alternator brushes and rotor bearings. We can supply engineers with a range of alternator voltage regulators, diode packs, rotors, and bearings to enable repair of alternators. Correct component location will require oem alternator manufacturers part numbers from the label on your old alternator.

Older farm tractors may be fitted with dynamo type charging system and current / voltage regulator.

Farm Trailer Lights

We supply a wide range of aftermarket farm trailer lights including
Tail light units
Front rear & side marker lamps
Single core and multicore cables
Wiring junction boxes
Wiring plugs and sockets.

Most 12 volt farm trailer lights are wired using a 12N wiring system however we often find variations on agrimachines.

12N Wiring Colour Code

Pin 1 Yellow wire Left hand indicator
Pin 2 Blue wire Rear Fog light (if fitted)
Pin 3 White wire Common Return (often chassis ground)
Pin 4 Green wire Right hand indicator
Pin 5 Brown wire RH tail lamps, RH side markers,
Pin 6 Red wire Brake lights stop lamps
Pin 7 Black wire LH tail lamps, LH sidemarker lamps, Number plate lamps.

Some vehicles are manufactured with light duty wiring to rear lamps and canbus wiring systems. Such vehicles may require fitment of a seven way bypass relay if installing trailer towing electrics.

Mobile auto electrical service to local areas for installation, fault finding & wiring repairs to farm trailers.


Professional quality auto electrical accessories and cable terminal supplies direct from UK national distributor.
Buy automotive electrical wiring parts and equipment online by mail order for Agricultural engineering workshop or farm use application with vehicle wiring installations on Tractor, Trailer, Combine ,Forage Harvester.

On board Weighing equipment and Speed Area metering systems are often used on agricultural machinery to monitor crop application and load hauling processes.

Large  wiring product range includes : Automotive cable  , battery clamps ,   crimping tools   , fuses , fuseholders ,lights , switches , horns , dashboard  warning lamps ,  worklamps ,  exhaust clamps, fasteners, nuts, bolts , washers, rivets, clips , heatshrink tubing, pvc conduit, wiring grommets  brake tube, first aid kits, trailer lamps , 12N 12S 24N 24S Plugs, protective clothing, workshop sundries

Tractor Starter Motors A range of quality starter motors for Tractors , Combines , Off road equipment, Construction plant , Industrial engines and Groundcare machinery. Test and repair also available
Tractor Alternators Alternators for Farm machinery
Self Propelled machines
Potato harvester
Sugar beet harvesters
Groundcare equipment.


Tractor Dynamos & Voltage Regulators Tractor dynamos and voltage regulators for some classic and older farm equipment
Tractor Ignition Switches Lucas type tractor and plant ignition switches tractor ignition switch
Reversing Bleepers Audible warning safety equipment
CCTV Load Monitor / Reversing Camera Systems Visual load monitoring and safety reversing equipment supplied or installed.
Beacons & Din Mounting Poles Rotating beacons , Xenon flash beacons, din mount poles for agri machinery and plant
Worklamps A full range of worklamps including twin beam , halogen , and xenon types. We can also supply a full range of 12v and 24v automotive bulbs.
Tractor Headlamps Tractor headlamps : Universal replacement types with indicator for tractors and construction plant. Some specific tractor replacement headlamps also available
Warning Triangles Portable warning triangles
Trailer Side Marker Lamps Led amber trailer side marker lamps in 12v or 24v
Trailer Rear Marker Lamps Trailer red rear marker lamps
Trailer Red Triangular Rear Reflectors  
Trailer Rear Combi lamps  
Trailer Side position lamps  
Trailer 7 Core Cable We sell a full range of automotive cable from battery cable to multicores
Trailer Electrical Junction Box Rubber type electrical junction boxes also other types of automotive junction boxes available for trailer and semi trailer wiring
Trailer 7 Pin 12N Plugs  
Trailer 7 Pin 12N Socket  
Trailer Rear Marker Plates  Rear marker plates for commercial vehicles and trailers
Diesel Lift Pumps Diesel lift feed pumps available for specific applications by special order.
Diesel Fuel Filters A range of fuel filters to protect fuel injection equipment on diesel engines.
Cold Start Flame Plugs Cold start devices including flame plugs and glow plugs
Battery Booster Cablesanti surge battery booster cables A wide range of manufactured battery booster cables from light duty through to heavy duty in various lengths
Farm Workshop Sundries Fasteners, Grease nipples, Washers,clips , please see our products page for more details.




Mobile auto electricians in Shrewsbury ,Shropshire. Machinery auto electrics diagnostics.

Local Shrewsbury area based Breakdown callout field service to Shropshire areas & surrounding areas. 4x4 callouts available for site access.


Mobile auto electrical services include fault finding and diagnostics , wiring circuit repairs to systems where wiring insulation has chafed or melted causing burnt wires. Locating bad connections on wiring systems . Accessory supply and installation.

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