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Engine Starter Motor Types

Internal Combustion Engine starter motors can be categorised in to 4 types:
Inertia Starter Motors often found on classic 1950's &1960's vehicles
Axial Starter Motors with inline solenoid (eg CAV CA45) mainly for commercial and heavy duty applications
Pre-engaged Starter Motors with attached solenoid.
High Torque Gear-Reduction Starter Motors with a gearing system to increase torque when starting the engine.

Getting an internal combustion engine to start has always been an engineers challenge to develop innovative design.
A few other methods of starting ICE's also exist including starting handles, hydraulic starters, compressed air, ignition cartridges, and donkey engines.

Replacement Starter Motors
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Armatures, Field Coils,Bushes,Bearings,Brushes,Brush Springs, Brush Gear,End Brackets, Drive End casing, Field Coils, Lever,Permanent magnets,Pinion Gears,Reduction Gears,Repair Tools,Solenoid,Solenoid end cap,Solenoid Plunger,Solenoid Contact kit,Starter Drive,Starter Solenoid Cables ,Starter ground cables,Terminals,Yoke
If you require starter motor parts such as armature, brushes, solenoid, pinion, starter drive, etc, please state any manufacturers part numbers on the unit.
Manufacturers part numbers may be required to locate specific unit parts.
Minimum order value of £12 applies for starter motor components.

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Starter Motor system voltage drop tests can be carried out under load on site by trained mobile technician.
Subject to risk assessment and safety precautions :
Voltage drop can be tested using a multimeter.
Volt drop should not exceed 0.5v on B+ main lead, across solenoid switch contacts, or on B- main lead.
If volt drop reading is excessive check/clean connections, inspect condition of cables, contacts, etc.

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Starter Motor Unit Repairs

We have Crypton electrical test bench and Motoplat CV2013 starter motor test benches for off vehicle performance testing of heavy duty starter motor units up to 1800A lockdraw current.

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Starter Motor Types

Axial starter motor
Pre-engaged starter motor
Gear reduction starter motor

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Mail order Starter Motors

UK Starter motor & component supply and distribution also available by mail order with paypal payment processing.

We can also supply a range of DC Motors for applications including
Tail lift Motors
Wheelchair lift Motors
Recovery winch Motors
Heater blower Motors
Windscreen Washer Motors
Linear actuator motors
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History of the Starter Motor, Bendix starter drive, and Agricultural Engineering

Starter motors have been fitted to internal combustion engines (ICE) for many years. British agricultural engineering company William Arnold and Sons, East Peckham, Kent, trading as the Arnold Motor Carriage Company, is credited with fitting a first electric starter by electrical engineer H.J. Dowsing to a Benz with Arnold's engine in 1896. The Arnold Benz is also the first car to have exceeded the speed limit (source: Records of starter motor patent attempts go back to 1899. The Bendix starter motor drive mechanism used on classic and vintage vehicles up until around the 1970's era, was invented in 1910 by Vincent Bendix. A Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco) starter motor was fitted to a General Motors (GM) Cadillac vehicle in 1912. Due to gear meshing problems liable to cause damage to starter pinion gear and flywheel teeth, bendix type starter motors for ICE's were largely superceded by pre-engaged starter motors which operate the motor pinion gear to flywheel teeth by a lever moved by the electromagnetic action of a solenoid, which again is a development of the agricultural tractor starter motors of the 1940's 1950's and 1960's where the starter gear was manually engaged with the flywheel teeth by pushing down on a lever which also pushed on a contact switch wired back to the coil circuit of a seperate electromagnetic solenoid causing the solenoid plunger to move a set of contacts.
The closing of remote solenoid contacts operated a relay effect supplying heavy current power feed to the starter motor B+ terminal. The Starter motor B+ terminal is connected internally to the starter motor brushes, or brushes and field coils depending on starter motor design. Brushes contact the copper bars of the commutator which is shaft mounted adjacent and connected to armature windings. Electrical current returns via the earth brush and wiring to the vehicle battery. Earth return circuit may be via chassis rails or insulated return depending on application and design.
In the United Kingdom, the Joseph Lucas company of Birmingham was heavily involved in Starter motor manufacture and used much publicity directed towards the agricultural industry with a range of factory remanufactured starter motors under the B90 'immediate exchange' program designed to hold stock at local motor factors, garages, and agricultural engineers to cut downtime associated with electrical breakdowns on tractors during peak crop sowing and harvesting periods.

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Motor Engineer Henry Ford also originated from an agricultural background. Unfortunately, our parts stock does not go back quite this far although we are able to source starter motors for modern vehicles.