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Mobile Autoelectrician Shropshire

autoelectrical installation shropshire

Mobile Autoelectrical Service

tel: 07703 558610

Repairs & Installations
Car electrics
Van Conversion Equipment
Onboard Power
Battery Split Charge Systems
Warning Equipment - Flashing Beacons - Lightbars
Amber Directional Hazard Lamps
Lighting Equipment - Work lamps - Spot lights
Interior load area lighting
Load Cooling
Auto electrical wiring
Automotive battery fitting / testing


Rotating Electrics

Rotating Electrics Supply Testing Rebuild Repair Parts Service Exchange

Local On site mobile fitting service in Shropshire



Stator, Rotor, Rectifier Diode Pack, Voltage Regulator, Brushes
Vehicle power charging system fault diagnosis and repair. Battery charge warning light electrical faults test and repair


starter motor

Starter Motors

Vehicle Autoelectrical
Wiring Accessory Parts

autoelectrical parts supplier

Autoelectrical Components Online Store
12v & 24v
Automotive Battery Cable
Battery Isolation Switches
Jump Leads - Switches - Relays -
Rolls of Wire for loom building and repair
Solenoids - Terminals
Trailer Electrics Plugs Sockets
Lamps Lights Bulbs
Mailorder Spares
Parts & Components

Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning & Cooling

Air Conditioning

Climate Control Services Cooling Motor Vehicles

Mobile Vehicle AC Repair Service

Tel 07703 558610

Air Conditioning Climate control electronics & diagnostics
Air Conditioning Regas
Nitrogen Pressure testing & UV leak detection
Condenser Fan Blower Motors
Cooling vent temperature checks
Vehicle Air Conditioning repairs
FGAS 2079 Class 1 Certified Service Engineer
Refrigerant Recovery
Licensed waste carrier for removal of refrigerant from site.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Car Diagnostics Shrewsbury

Autoelectricians perform vehicle diagnostic services using electronic test equipment & tools

Vehicle fault codes can log when electrical or mechanical faults exist which may cause dashboard instrument cluster warning lights to illuminate.

Vehicle faults may cause difficult starting & restricted performance,
Mot test failure or advisories.

Vehicle Electronic Health Check Scan

A vehicle electronic health scan entails linking vehicle diagnostic tool to the vehicle computers via onboard diagnostic (OBD) connector to check fault codes and data.
Fault code reading provides basic diagnostics which may need further indepth fault tracing inspection before vehicle repair.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance & service diagnostics

Service light reset

Mobile Vehicle Diagnostics & Specialist Auto electrical fault finding

We have a range of Vehicle diagnostic equipment covering various equipment including Car Van Truck Bus Plant Agrimachinery

Vehicle Controller Area Network (CANbus)

Modern vehicles have many individual computer modules communicating messages as serial data via an onboard vehicle network. CANbus links computer electronic control modules by twisted-pair wiring to ensure safe smooth efficient vehicle operation.
Many vehicle computer control modules are configuration coded often to individual chassis numbers.
Electronic computer modules are sensitive to power supply and reference voltages.
Water entry into electronic modules and connections often causes circuit board corrosion and spurious electrical faults.

Airbag diagnostics

Is your Vehicle Safety Restraint System (SRS) Airbag light on ?

Vehicle airbag systems are designed to rapidly inflate/deflate in the event of an accident to protect people.
Airbag warning light illuminated permanently indicates a system fault and may cause mot test failure

Body Control Module

BCM , BSI, GEM, SAM, VIC, UCH, Central electronic unit,
Body controller modules often control functions such as vehicle lighting, central door locking, electric windows, alarms.
Water entry into modules can cause circuit boards to corrode causing electrical faults.

Braking Suspension

Antilock braking system (ABS) light on ?
ABS fault diagnosis and repairs.
Electronic Stability ASR, ESP,
Truck & Trailer ABS EBS

Power Steering

Power assisted steering may be aided by hydraulics or electrical systems.
Electronically assisted power Steering uses an electric motor to provide assistance.
A Steering Angle sensor may detect steering wheel / steering column position. After battery disconnection, the steering angle sensor may need to be recalibrated either by manual procedure or using diagnostic equipment.


Air Suspension is fitted to certain vehicles. An air compressor creates air pressure filling air tanks. Air suspension position sensors detect ride height allowing airbags to inflate (raise) or deflate (lower) vehicle ride height.

Engine Control Systems

Engine management light on ? Diesel Engine Management Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) Common Rail Diesel Fuel Injection (CRDi,CDi, HDi,TDCi,TDi)
Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
Diesel injector code to powertrain control module (PCM)
Engine ManagementPetrol fuel injection systems
Electronic ignition systems

Transmission driveline

Automatic transmission (gearbox) systems often utilise computer control of gearshift linked to driver demand

Vehicle electromechanical hydraulic systems

Carbon reduction

International agreements obligate vehicle manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles

Exhaust Emissions Aftertreatment Systems

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration Sintered Catalyst Reduction (SCR) & Adblue dosing system

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

ev button logo

Vehicle manufacturers and governments are promoting electric vehicles as the future of road transport, targeting phase out of fossil fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Gas, Coal) powered vehicles towards Net Zero Carbon in efforts to reduce air pollution, climate change and environmental risks. Electricity is seen as a sustainable renewable energy source compared to combustible fuels which expire after single use and produce carbon during engine combustion processes.

The major problem facing electric vehicles is the infrastructure required to support EV Charging Cables and Hookup points, and also training and equipping the aftermarket motor industry of independent garages and technicians. Electric vehicle training courses such as those offered by the Institute of the Motor Industry are being rolled out at different levels by training providers to the motor industry.

Autonomous vehicles

Technological progression is developing autonomous vehicles aiming to make many functions automatic. Autonomous vehicles introduce many new factors in to Tort law in terms of liability requiring new approaches.

Starter Motors

Starter Motor

Starter Motor Supply
On Site Starter Motor Fitting
Starter Motor Repair

Starter Motor Rebuild Parts for reconditioning of vehicle starter motors

Starter Motor Solenoids
Armature Brushes Field Coils Pinion Drives
New or Service Exchange Starter Motor Units
Starter motor bench test facilities
Starter Motors for Commercials Construction Plant Tractors & Heavy Duty Equipment
Breadown Callout Service to vehicle starter motor and wiring faults.
Tel 07703 558610

Vehicle Batteries

Vehicle battery

Battery Testing
Battery Supply and Fitting service
Discharge Amps Current draw - Locating of wiring short circuit and battery current drain checks.
Battery Isolator switches
Battery terminals
Battery Cables

Battery Management System

Alternator Battery Charging System
Battery Warning Light On

Vehicle Heating

Night Heater

Night Heaters for Motor Vehicles

Truck Night Heater Computerised Diagnostic Test Equipment
to check fault codes and live data for

Eberspacher Airtronic
Webasto Airtop

Night Heater Repairs and Parts
Heater Resistors Fans Blower Motors
Tel 07703 558610

Vehicle Alarms & Immobilisers

car alarm immobiliser

Vehicle Security Systems

Alarm & Immobiliser systems deter unauthorised vehicle use.
Manufacturer integrated alarm systems may generate fault codes which can be read using computerised diagnostic equipment.

Alarms & Immobilisers

Installation or Removal

Vehicle breakdown may be caused by aftermarket car alarms or immobilisers, possibly fitted by a previous owner .
Aftermarket alarm / immobiliser systems sometimes fail requiring removal / bypass.
Faulty aftermarket car alarm or immobiliser systems may cause vehicle breakdown preventing starting. Alarm removal or bypass, with prior customer authorisation and customer notifying vehicle insurer, may allow vehicle start.

Fleet Telematics

Vehicle Fleet Location Tracking

Vehicle CCTV

reversing camera kits

Vehicle Reversing Camera Supply
Truck & Van vehicle safety camera installation
Increase vision and reduce blindspots
Vehicle Digital Video Recording (DVR) system kits
Front side and rear view camera kits
Fleet telematics
Transport for London Direct Vision Standard (DVS) applies to HGV's over 12 tonnes
Trucks entering Greater London areas require a HGV safety permit.
DVS seeks to eliminate blindspots on Commercial Vehicles.

Vehicle Lights Supply - Wiring circuit repairs - Installation.


Side and Position Marker lights
Stop Brake lights
Direction Indicators
Reverse lights
Rear fog lamp
Number Plate Lights
Supply of Amber Beacons
Green Beacon Seatbelt Warning kits
Worklamps and Spot Lamps
Tractor and Plant Headlamps
Truck & Trailer Tail lamps
Tail lift lamps
Van Interior Lighting
LED lamps. Bulbs. Reflectors, Marker plates
Tel 07703 558610

Off-Grid Vehicle Onboard Power

solar panel camper van inverter

Van onboard power supply fitting
Inverters - Pure waveform
DC - AC Inverters - Modified Sine Wave
12v 24v Voltage Converters
Battery to Battery chargers
Split charge auxilliary battery systems
Solar panel battery charging systems
Battery Isolation switches
Battery terminals
Battery Cable
More about vehicle onboard power solutions

Trailer & Towing Equipment
Parts & Service

trailer wiring shropshire

Trailer Wiring Installation Testing Repair
Towbar electrical
HGV Commercial Vehicle & trailer electrics
Trailer Lights Electrics
Caravan - Horsebox - Livestock - Boat - trailer wiring
Auxilliary Systems
Trailer Hire
Trailer Service & Repair

Mobile Welding Services


Mobile Welding & Fabrication Services
Manual Metal Arc (MMA)Welding
Metal inert Gas (Mig) Welding
Welding Cables

Truck Fleet & Commercial Service

truck repair shropshire

Specialist autoelectrical services for the haulage industry on Heavy & Light Commercial Vehicles

Autoelectrical fault finding & repair
Van Conversion Equipment Installation
Alternators and Starter Motors
Cab Air Conditioning
Air brake & pneumatic
Camera kits
Trailer Electrics, ABS, EBS

Specialist auto electrical services in Shropshire for transport commercial vehicle operators of van truck and bus.
Tipper Body Tipping Gear & Easy Sheet electro hydraulic systems

Lifting Equipment

Tail lifts
Hooklift & Skip Loader electrics
Manufacturer trained RCV Body and Bin Lift electrics
Lorry Cranes Hiab
Electromechanical system and Hydraulic pumps

Special purbose vehicles

Skip loader, Road Sweeper, Municipal Refuse compactor, STGO

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Preventative Maintenance Service Inspection & Repairs
Planned Vehicle Maintenance
Mobile Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Contract & Private
MoT Test preparation of fleet Vans and Commercial vehicles.

Construction Plant Agricultural Machinery & Industrial Services


Alternators and Starter Motors for Heavy Duty Equipment
Wiring Repairs
Air conditioning regas
On Site Autoelectrical / Mechanical Plant and Machinery specialist services
Lifting equipment LOLER examination.
Vehicle fault diagnostics and wiring repairs :
Digger Earthmoving & site excavation machines
Wheeled loaders Telehandlers Forklifts Dumpers
Quarry Crusher and Screening plant diesel engine power units. Powerscreens and mobile conveyors
Concrete mixers and Concrete pumps
Skiploaders Hooklifts Tippers
Trailer electrics
Mobile Cranes
Wood shredders and engine driven waste recycling processing plant materials
Farm tractors and agrimachines
Municipal waste collection trucks, Roadsweepers , Gritters
Commercial Vehicle & Municipal Vehicle Environmental maintenance equipment breakdown repairs
Auto Electrical & Hydraulic repairs to Municipal refuse truck waste compactors including
Norba RL35 Heil Powerlink Dennis Ros Roca Semat Schorling Terberg TCA-Del Omnidel Binlift gear.
Allison Wtec automatic transmission.

Fault tracing on electro hydraulic systems on mobile plant & machinery.
Vehicle & Machinery Breakdowns attended on site * subject to access.
Mobile commercial vehicle and contracting plant Breakdown Repair services
Supply to
  • Local authority
  • Vehicle Hire Companies
  • Waste recycling contractors
  • Utility Companies
  • Welding

    Mobile Welding Services
    Diesel MMA Mobile Arc welding equipment up to 400 Amps for on site plant repairs. Also Mig welding equipment to 250A

    Classic Vehicle Repairs

    classic car wiring

    Classic and vintage car truck bus and tractor vehicle autoelectrical systems often feature specialised automotive wiring systems depending on manufacturer, age and specification.
    6 volt battery system voltage
    Positive earth wiring system
    Negative earth wiring system
    Insulated earth wiring systems found on trucks
    Bakelite Switches
    Glass Fuses
    Relays and Solenoids may be fitted to provide remote switching
    Magneto ignition
    Obsolete Components

    British Classic vehicle starting and charging systems

    Starting systems

    Classic cars with ignition and seperate starter switch
    Remote solenoid
    Starter motor
    Older Vintage vehicles may be fitted with a 'Dynastart' unit.

    Dynamo Generator

    External Control Box voltage regulator & current cut off to control dynamo output
    Dynamo charging systems

    Classic vehicle ignition system

    Classic and vintage vehicle HT ignition systems may feature ;
    Ignition coil
    Ignition distributor with mechanical or vacuum ignition advance and retard adjustment requiring timing light setup.

    Classic vehicle lighting

    Classic vehicles may feature
    Non Standard lighting systems which may be acceptable due to date of manufacture or Mot exempt due to age.

    Component restoration cleaning

    Sandblasting and Sodablasting machines for restoration cleaning of classic vehicle parts

    Location & Mobile Field Service Areas

    Autoelectrical repairs and Vehicle Repair Mobile Service business with on site callout servicing Shropshire and Mid wales areas
    Shrewsbury (SY)   Telford (TF) Shropshire county & Welshpool Mid Wales Region

    Are you searching to 'find an auto electrician near me' ? Autoelectrics Mobile Product Services are based near Shrewsbury Shropshire, UK. Shropshire England Wales Border location enables fast access to A458, A5, M54, and Midlands road network enabling our mobile workshop and field service support engineers to reach vehicle breakdowns in Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry and Welshpool local areas.
    Shrewsbury Town Areas: Bicton Castlefields Copthorne Coleham Ditherington Emstrey Gains Park Greenfields Harlescott Heron Gate Kingsland Meole Brace Village Monkmoor New Park Farm Radbrook Sundorne Sutton Farm.

    Shropshire areas SY1 SY2 SY3 SY4 SY5 SY21 : Acton Burnell Alberbury Baschurch Bayston hill Berrington Condover Church Stretton Craven Arms Cressage Condover Crew Green Dorrington Ford Halfway house Knockin Middletown Minsterley Nesscliffe Pontesbury Ludlow Rowley Ryton Uppington Uffington Westbury Worthen Yockleton.
    Bridgnorth Hodnet High Ercall Market Drayton Much Wenlock Oswestry Prees Telford and Wrekin Wellington West Felton Welshpool Wem Whitchurch Whixall
    On site repairs where possible offer convenience often saving the cost and hassle of vehicle breakdown recovery and transport service.
    Whether at home hotel shopping centre or work, our Mobile service can come to you to fix the car , van, 4x4 , truck,or plant.
    We take covid precautions seriously and equip our technicians with masks and antibacterial gel.
    *All services are provided subject to availability

    Callout to other UK areas available to account customers.

    Open Hours & Out of Hours Callout

    Normal Hours:
    Monday to Friday 08.00 hrs to 18.00hrs
    Saturday 08.30 hrs to 12.30hrs

    Out of hours emergency breakdown callout

    Callout for out of hours ,Sundays, and Bank Holiday Monday is subject to workload for breakdown cover.